Jagger Swagger

Oofph, Don't be shy.   Myself in the pix-elated flesh   

I just want to enjoy every waking moment and to have amazing friends that are actually worth a shit and not some fake bitches<3
Also. Cats, Sex, alcohol, dubstep, Ryan Gosling, Art, Horror. Don't be so fucking sensitive and uptight, take a joke, and be free.

Myself in the pix-elated flesh

Some people like to see personal photos of who they’re following. So here. 
These are a couple of photos of me and my close friends<3 

Living Young, Wild, & Free

This is a picture of me after getting out of a dubstep show. 
So hott in there. 

Me and my best friend Ashley <3

Jennifer, Moe, & Myself <3

Me and Jen on Halloween