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Oofph, Don't be shy.   Myself in the pix-elated flesh   

I just want to enjoy every waking moment and to have amazing friends that are actually worth a shit and not some fake bitches<3
Also. Cats, Sex, alcohol, dubstep, Ryan Gosling, Art, Horror. Don't be so fucking sensitive and uptight, take a joke, and be free.


I’ve come to a few conclusions. 
But my main one is this,

Don’t have a fucking boy/girlfriend if you’re still in love with someone else.

It’s so fucking dishonest and disgusting to see you lie and to know that you still talk to said being you still love. At least tell that person you’re dating that you are still in love with someone else…. Don’t tell them you’re just as in love with them as they are you :( 
The worst part is… they don’t even know how you feel… 

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