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Oofph, Don't be shy.   Myself in the pix-elated flesh   

I just want to enjoy every waking moment and to have amazing friends that are actually worth a shit and not some fake bitches<3
Also. Cats, Sex, alcohol, dubstep, Ryan Gosling, Art, Horror. Don't be so fucking sensitive and uptight, take a joke, and be free.

My mom is my teenage daughter.

I swear to Cheezbus!
My mother trips me out almost every day. Although she pays for mostly everything, I never really noticed how quickly our roles swapped until a few days ago. Examples:

  • I scold her about coming home at 4am in the morning
  • I catch her talking on the phone with boys
  • I tell her not to drink and drive
  • I do her taxes 
  • I make sure she pays her bills
  • I tell her to clean her car
  • I give her advice & help her with her problems
I mean seriously…. I’d do anything for her.
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