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I just want to enjoy every waking moment and to have amazing friends that are actually worth a shit and not some fake bitches<3
Also. Cats, Sex, alcohol, dubstep, Ryan Gosling, Art, Horror. Don't be so fucking sensitive and uptight, take a joke, and be free.

My July, time sure does fly.

In the scheme of things, I’ve been having a pretty eventful day by day experience since summer started. Even before then, but mostly now…

I’ve had great nights, but last night was especially one to remember. It’s always the unexpected and unplanned nights that end up being the most fun and memorable. After a wildly pleasant 4th of July, I slept most of my Thursday away until around 8:30pm. I woke up in a strange mood and to too many texts, push notifications and missed calls. I texted Alex, thankful that she too slept all day and hopefully was apart of my general plan for the night. Then, Mecca called and we talked about our general idea of what we were both doing that day to see if our plans might include the other. Alex never texted me back and I became weary about what I was going to do for the evening. At the moment, I wasn’t ready to go out in public and socialize with a bunch of people I didn’t care for in the first place. I wanted to be in an environment where I could just chill, drink and socialize with specific people. Then, B called to invite me over to Claxton’s to drink. The conversation was short and quick, but soon after it ended I knew that’s where I’d be and so would Alex. I got ready and headed out by 10pm. For some odd reason, I thought it was much later in the night and I decided to take some LSD on my drive to Cam’s since it was going to be a good period of time until it affected me anyways. Things started off slow, but we were all at a good level and had a good time. It was very chill and we had a few wild moments that will most definitely be remembered between the 7 of us. My favorite part, was when Claire took Adam, Avant and myself to McDonalds at midnight. I was still taken back and uneasy about the situation, but I wanted to be next to Alex and I figured it wouldn’t harm anything to go along for the ride to get some shitty fast food. ;)
However, I ended up peaking at McDonalds and it was absolutely wild. B was super drunk and wore Amaura’s tiny sparkly shoes into Waconald’s. Avant protected me as I quivered behind her at the thought of even speaking to the cashier in my current state. However, Alex calmed me down and talked me into ordering. I got a happy meal and demanded a Pok√®mon toy and, as the cashier said it, “yo, total gonna be like $4.22,” we made asses of ourselves and immediately died laughing. We made our way to grab our drinks and find a table, still snickering and giggling about the cashier and B’s entire wardrobe. We ate, talked and during it all, Alex&Adam kept screwing with me since, I was obviously tripping out pretty hard. Towards the end of our meal, Claire got B to do a move for Avant that turned into him pulling his shirt up and rubbing his nipples, while holding his glasses in his mouth and making sexual, uncomfortable looks at two dudes eating at McDonald’s. Loud obnoxious laughter immediately once we saw the two guys take notice and we quickly ran out. We sang/danced to loud music in the truck and I was in my own little world with Avant as we giggled and laughed at one another. Upon arrival, Tarver asked me to take him home, C&B left, and Alex & myself spruced ourselves up for downtown in the bathroom as we pow wow’d about everything and life.
“It’s really hard to put eyeliner on when your face is melting.”
We got sum rum in us, got in the car, jammed to, “Oops I Did It Again” and dropped off Tarver.

At this point, it’s 1am and Alex & I are heading to the Bird rocking out to “Mambo No. 5,” a jingle bell techno remix and a cat song. The bird was empty and once we got X’d we immediately ran over and went to talk to familiar faces. Tim, the owner asked me how I was doing, and I responded with, “Fine besides the whole head injury thing. Ha,” and it was fun to see him get psyched out when he realized, I was that girl. Alex and I went outside and Jack kept going on about how crazy it was that we knew the same people. Since, previously when I came into the bird he tried to introduce me to his friends, who I already knew, before him. Ha. Alex ended up taking a picture with Jack’s roommate who was actually a cop and she got to wear his badge. It was funny and slightly a little intimidating since I was clearly under the influence. We all hungout and talked, and by the end of it, each of them got our numbers and hit us up that night to come hangout. Lol. Good vibes & fun times.
We left the Bird, went to the car and drove over to Faatima’s, listening to Showtek. Then, hopped on the bed with Faatima and talked about some things while watching ridiculous YouTube videos and laughing nonstop. After, we sat outside and talked about some serious shit and the unnecessary attitudes and ways of things in life with the occasional cigarette. Along with the fact that, tonight was a calm, chill night that was well enjoyed and something that neither of us have had in awhile. Khalil eventually came over and he kept me company when Alex turned in for the night. Since, we ended up talking until 6:30 in the morning.

Team no sleep!

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