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Jagger Swagger

Oofph, Don't be shy.   Myself in the pix-elated flesh   

I just want to enjoy every waking moment and to have amazing friends that are actually worth a shit and not some fake bitches<3
Also. Cats, Sex, alcohol, dubstep, Ryan Gosling, Art, Horror. Don't be so fucking sensitive and uptight, take a joke, and be free.

I challenge you

Type your name: Savannah

Type your name using your elbow: swaQFVSN N SAHY

Type your name using your chin: szav annahb

Type your name with large toe: saavannah

Judge me? Good.

Did I really do this?

You tell me.

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— 2 years ago
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Ugh… This reminds me of 6th grade.
When Faatima was really cool, sitting in the gym, reading a book and suddenly, all the black girls started jumpin up and were like,




and Faatima was just like,

Fuck this bug

Takes off her shoe
and smashes it
And just goes back to reading

nope. Not me.

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The jokes I decide to make on chat rooms are always the most obscene thing I can think of, or anything else. lol. Whenever I’m on, I’m usually just bored as hell trying to find someone interesting to talk to that I don’t know and never will. Usually though, I like to make one joke then skip forth to my next chat room to see where I can cause trouble. I’m bored, and an insomniac.
Tonight, however, I decided to actually stay in one room and talk for a while… Since, there was this guy who was really interesting. Not pursuing anything… Just a little mesmerized by his words. The people were nice and rather humorous. Until, one girl came in, she was online for less than 4 minutes before she started pissing me off. 
She made a remark about being, “Fat.”
Mind you, this girl is rather small. She wasn’t the best looking thing around but she wasn’t the worst thing to look at either.
I couldn’t resist to direct my further comments toward her….
But… the conversation went something like this….

DumbGirl: Yeah…
DumbGirl: I’m fat though.
Guy1: U aint fat
Guy2: Dont lie dude
Me: Being fat is better than being an endomorph.
DumbGirl: Huh?
Guy3: Lol at [Me]. 

I rather not type out the entire conversation because I logged out and everything is from memory. I pretty much told her, being fat is better than being fat. I thought it was fucking hilarious… It’s a fitness term but you don’t meet people that throw around what type of “morph” you are nor anyone that knows the term. I learned it from watching a tv show on discovery channel or some shit. …..I just wanted to share…
It may not be funny to you…
but, I found it rather hilarious. I can always laugh at myself. :) 

— 2 years ago
I literally cannot stop laughing while gagging.

I literally cannot stop laughing while gagging.

— 2 years ago
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